Official course description: Prerequisites: CHEM 215 with a grade of "C" or better and CHEM 216 with a grade of "C-" or better Offered: Fall and Winter Lecture. The chemistry of carbon compounds, including modern concepts of structure, mechanism, and reactivity. Emphasis is placed on compounds and reactions of biological interest; and includes an introduction to selected topics in biochemistry. Taking the lecture sequence (CHEM 221A, CHEM 222A, and CHEM 223A) without the lab sequence (CHEM 221B, CHEM 222B, and CHEM 223B) is inappropriate for premedical, predental and other pre-health professions students and for all majors and minors except the B.A. major in biology. Chemistry majors (except the B.A. in Chemistry, Biochemistry Option) are expected to take the Principles of Organic Chemistry sequence (CHEM 321, CHEM 322 and CHEM 323). Lecture only.