Problem: Calculate the following quantities.Number of moles (n) of NH4Cl in 96.6 g of this substance.

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Recall that, to determine the number of moles; we need to do a mass to mole conversion using molar mass of the compound.

The mass of 1 mole of any substance is equal to its molar mass or the sum of the atomic mass of each element (multiplied by its subscript) in its molecular formula.

Solve for the Molar Mass of NH4Cl:

Get the sum of the atomic masses multiplied by its number/subscript of each element to get the molar mass

1xN : 14.00 g/mol     =          14.00 g/mol

4xH : 1.01 g/mol       =          4.04 g/mol 

1xCl : 35.45 g/ mol   =          35.45 g/mol

                                                53.49 g/mol

**The atomic mass of each element in this compound can be found in the Periodic Table of elements.

So the molar mass of NH4Cl is 53.49 g/mol

83% (168 ratings)
Problem Details

Calculate the following quantities.

Number of moles (n) of NH4Cl in 96.6 g of this substance.

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