Problem: Fill in the blanks in the following table:CationAnionFormulaNameLithium oxideFe2+PO43-Al2(SO4)3Copper(II) nitrateCr3+I-Mn(ClO2)2Ammonium carbonateZinc perchlorateComplete the third column of the table.

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Ionic compounds → charge of anion goes to the subscript of counterion

1st row:

Lithium → main group metal → Group 1A → Li+

Oxide → oxygen → Group 6A → O2-

Li+ + O2-Li2O

2nd row:

Fe2+ + PO43- Fe3(PO4)2

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Fill in the blanks in the following table:


Lithium oxide


Copper(II) nitrate


Ammonium carbonate

Zinc perchlorate

Complete the third column of the table.

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