Problem: Identify the molecules with a dipole moment:(a) SF4(b) CF4(c) Cl2CCBr2(d) CH3Cl(e) H2CO

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For a molecule to have a dipole moment, the individual dipole moments of its bonds must not cancel out.

(a) SF: The Lewis structure for SF4 is:

Sulfur (2.58) is less electronegative than fluorine (3.98), which means the S–F bond has a dipole moment. Since the central atom S also has a lone pair, there's also a dipole arrow pointing away from it. The dipole arrows in SF4 would look like this:

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Identify the molecules with a dipole moment:
(a) SF4
(b) CF4
(c) Cl2CCBr2
(d) CH3Cl
(e) H2CO

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