Problem: What is the molecular formula of the following compound?Empirical formula C3H6O2 (ℳ = 74.08 g/mol)

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Molecular formula is a chemical formula that gives the total number of atoms of the elements in a compound.

Empirical formula is a chemical formula that gives the smallest whole number ratios of elements in a compound but not the actual number of atoms of elements in a compound.

In this problem, the empirical formula of a compound is given along with its molecular formula weight. We will calculate the molecular formula through this equation.

<math xmlns=""><menclose mathcolor="#0000FF" notation="box"><mi>m</mi><mi>o</mi><mi>l</mi><mi>e</mi><mi>c</mi><mi>u</mi><mi>l</mi><mi>a</mi><mi>r</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mi>f</mi><mi>o</mi><mi>r</mi><mi>m</mi><mi>u</mi><mi>l</mi><mi>a</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mo>=</mo><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mfenced><mrow><mi>e</mi><mi>m</mi><mi>p</mi><mi>i</mi><mi>r</mi><mi>i</mi><mi>c</mi><mi>a</mi><mi>l</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mi>f</mi><mi>o</mi><mi>r</mi><mi>m</mi><mi>u</mi><mi>l</mi><mi>a</mi></mrow></mfenced><mo>&#xD7;</mo><mi>n</mi></menclose></math>

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What is the molecular formula of the following compound?

Empirical formula C3H6O2 (ℳ = 74.08 g/mol)