Problem: Consider the reaction 8H2S(g) + 4O2(g) → 8H2O(g) + S8(g) Δ[H2S]/Δt = -0.030 M/s A. Find Δ[O2]/Δt. B. Find Δ[H2O]/Δt. C. Find Δ[S8]/Δt.D. Find the rate of the reaction. 

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Consider the reaction 

8H2S(g) + 4O2(g) → 8H2O(g) + S8(g) 

Δ[H2S]/Δt = -0.030 M/s 

A. Find Δ[O2]/Δt. 

B. Find Δ[H2O]/Δt. 

C. Find Δ[S8]/Δt.

D. Find the rate of the reaction.