Problem: Which statement is true of all functioning voltaic cells?a) Both Ecell and ∆G are negativeb) Both Ecell and ∆G are positivec) Ecell is negative and ∆G is positived) Ecell is positive and ∆G is negativee) None of the above must be true

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We’re being asked to determine which of the given statements apply to a voltaic cell.

Recall that a voltaic or galvanic cell is an electrochemical cell that is spontaneous and produces electricity. On the other hand, an electrolytic cell is nonspontaneous.

Recall that if:

• ΔG < 0 or ΔG = (–); the reaction is spontaneous

• ΔG > 0 or ΔG = (+); the reaction is non-spontaneous

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Problem Details

Which statement is true of all functioning voltaic cells?

a) Both Ecell and ∆G are negative

b) Both Ecell and ∆G are positive

c) Ecell is negative and ∆G is positive

d) Ecell is positive and ∆G is negative

e) None of the above must be true

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