Problem: Match the characteristics with the correct type of radiation:  alpha, beta, gamma-lowest penetrating power-purely composed of energy-capable of shallow, sunburn-like, skin damage-causes most internal biological damage-highest penetrating power-travels at 9/10 the speed of light-travels at speed of light-travels at a 1/10 the speed of light

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Alpha particles: largest of the particles, most damaging to biological cells, has the highest ionizing power, lowest penetrating power, can be stoped by air, clothing or sheet of paper.

Beta particles: smaller than alpha particles, has lower ionizing power therefore not as damaging to biological cells, but more penetrating power and can only be stopped by a sheet of metal or large block of wood. 

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Match the characteristics with the correct type of radiation:  alpha, beta, gamma

-lowest penetrating power
-purely composed of energy
-capable of shallow, sunburn-like, skin damage
-causes most internal biological damage
-highest penetrating power
-travels at 9/10 the speed of light
-travels at speed of light
-travels at a 1/10 the speed of light

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