Problem: Which of the following is a neutralization reaction?a. KCl + NaNO3 → KNO3 + NaClb. HNO3 + KOH → H2O + KNO3c. H2O + SO3 → H2SO4d. 4Na + O2 → 2Na2Oe. 2NO2 → 2NO + O2

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We’re being asked to determine which among the given reactions is a neutralization reaction.

Neutralization Reaction

▪ when an acid and a base react and neutralize each other to produce water (not all the time) and salt (always)
salt is a chemical compound composed of cations (positively charged ion) and anions (negatively charged ions)

acid + base → water + salt

Let’s analyze each reaction given:

a. KCl + NaNO3 → KNO3 + NaCl

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Which of the following is a neutralization reaction?

a. KCl + NaNO3 → KNO3 + NaCl

b. HNO3 + KOH → H2O + KNO3

c. H2O + SO3 → H2SO4

d. 4Na + O2 → 2Na2O

e. 2NO2 → 2NO + O2