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Solution: Given the following informationA + B → 2D   ΔH° = 724.9 kJ     ΔS° = 307.0 J/KC → D          ΔH° = 402.0 kJ      ΔS° = -139.0 J/KCalculate ΔG° for the following reaction at 298 K.A + B → 2C


Given the following information

A + B → 2D   ΔH° = 724.9 kJ     ΔS° = 307.0 J/K

C → D          ΔH° = 402.0 kJ      ΔS° = -139.0 J/K

Calculate ΔG° for the following reaction at 298 K.

A + B → 2C


• Use Hess's Law to find the the ΔH° and  ΔS° of the third reaction from the first two reactions
Manipulate the two reactions such that when you add them they will produce the third reaction
Changes made to the reaction should also be applied to ΔH° and  ΔS° 

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