Problem: Rank the following molecules from the least polar to the most polar:CH2Br2, CF2Cl2, CH2F2, CH2Cl2, CBr4, CF2Br2.

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  • The Lewis structures for this set of compounds are similar since we are using C as central atom which will follow a tetrahedral structure

  • We have to analyze each of the atoms attached to C to determine which will contribute more to the polarity of the molecule

  • Trend for electronegativity is increasing from bottom to top. Therefore F > Cl > Br will be our guide

  • For the polarity of the molecules, due to a big difference in polarity with H and halogens, this combination will appear as our most polar combination

  • In this case, we have CH2Br2, CH2Fand CH2Cl2

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Rank the following molecules from the least polar to the most polar:

CH2Br2, CF2Cl2, CH2F2, CH2Cl2, CBr4, CF2Br2.

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