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Solution: Show resonance structures for acetate ion (CH 3CO2-)


Show resonance structures for acetate ion (CH 3CO2-)


We are being asked to identify the resonance structures of acetate ion (CH3CO2-). 

We will have to draw the Lewis Structure of CH3CO2- first.

Step 1: Determine the central atom in this molecule.

C and H are less electronegative than O but H can only make one bond
C is the central atom and is bonded to the other C atom

Step 2: Calculate the total number of valence electrons present.          


          Group              Valence Electrons

C         4A                    4 valence e x 2
H         1A                    1 valence e x 3
O         6A                    6 valence e- x 2
                                 = 23 valence e

-1 charge                     +1 e­-

 Total = 24 valence e- 

Step 3: Draw the Lewis Structure for the molecule

O and C → prefers to have complete octet (8 e- around them)

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