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Solution: List the following acids in order of increasing strength:            H2SO4             H2SeO4           H2TeO4      A) H2SO4 < H2SeO4 < H2TeO4B) H2SeO4 < H2SO4 < H2TeO4C) H2SeO4 < H2TeO4 < H2SO4D) H2TeO4 < H2SeO4 < H2SO4E) H2SO4 < H2TeO4 < H2SeO4


List the following acids in order of increasing strength:

            H2SO4             H2SeO4           H2TeO4      

A) H2SO4 < H2SeO4 < H2TeO4

B) H2SeO4 < H2SO4 < H2TeO4

C) H2SeO4 < H2TeO4 < H2SO4

D) H2TeO4 < H2SeO4 < H2SO4

E) H2SO4 < H2TeO4 < H2SeO4


The strengths of oxyacids is based on the number of oxygens or the electronegativity of the nonmetal in the oxyacid. An oxyacid is considered strong when there are at least 2 or more O than H.


H2SO4              H2SeO4            H2TeO4

The three oxyacids given have an equal number of oxygens. We’ll rank their strength based on the electronegativity of the nonmetal in each oxyacid.

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