Problem: Determine the name of I 2O 5A. iodine pentoxideB. iodine (V) oxideC. diiodine oxideD. iodine (II) oxideE. diiodine pentoxide

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We’re being asked to determine the name of I2O5. Iodine and oxygen are both nonmetals. 

Recall that a covalent compound is composed of nonmetals which means I2O5 is a covalent compound.

The rules for naming covalent compounds are as follows:

1. The first nonmetal is named normally and uses all numerical prefixes except mono.

2. The second nonmetal keeps its base name but has its ending change to –ide. It will also use any of the numerical prefixes.

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Problem Details

Determine the name of I 25
A. iodine pentoxide
B. iodine (V) oxide
C. diiodine oxide
D. iodine (II) oxide
E. diiodine pentoxide

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