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Solution: (a) Is the concentration of a solution an intensive or an ex...


(a) Is the concentration of a solution an intensive or an extensive property?

Video Transcript

Hey guys, so here we're asked is concentration and intensive property. So first of all when we say the term concentration we need to realize the word concentration is talking about molarity. Remember, molarety equals moles of solute divided by liters of solution. Now remember intensive property means that its value is not based on mass or volume of an object for example density is an intensive propert, density for a pound of gold density for an ounce of gold would be the same because it's based on the compound itself, not on the mass of it not on the volume, both samples are gold so they have the same density.

Here we would say that molarity or a concentration is also an intensive property, it's not based on the volume or mass because we can say if something had a molarity or concentration of 1 molar that can be done in different ways. We have 1 mole per 1 litre or it could mean that we have 10 moles in 10 litres, both at the end of the day give me 1 moler but it's not based on the amount of a volume individually. So thats why concentration would be considered an intensive property.