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Solution: Using the activity series (Table 4.5), write balanced chemic...


Using the activity series (Table 4.5), write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions. If no reaction occurs, simply write NR. (a) Iron metal is added to a solution of copper(II) nitrate

Video Transcript

Hey guys, here we have iron reacting to copper (II) nitrate. So iron here is a solid it's reacting with copper (II) nitrate and we have to figure out what the product will be, if there are products that are formed.

To figure this out we have to look at an activity series chart, and here what we're trying to see is iron, going to displace copper? Now if we look, we have iron here and copper is down here. Here's the thing, the metal that is above the other metal will be able to displace it. So since iron is above copper, iron will be able to displace copper. That means that this iron will be able to come in and kick out this copper, so the iron will be able to react with the nitrate. So we have iron 2+ here being able to connect with nitrate. The numbers are different so they criss-cross. So we will have iron (II) nitrate being formed, which is still aqueous, because remember, according to the solubility rules anything connected to nitrate will be soluble. Plus, now my copper solid is formed. Here it is already balanced, and those will be my products. So again if the metal is above the other metal, the metal that's higher can displace the lower metal, but if we had copper for example, copper would not be able to displace the iron over here, because copper is lower than iron. So in this case you would write "no reaction".

So just remember that and we're utilising the activity series chart that's in the chapter to be able to figure out, will this reaction occur or not.