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Solution: Classify each of the following aqueous solutions as a nonele...


Classify each of the following aqueous solutions as a nonelectrolyte, weak electrolyte, or strong electrolyte: (f) C12H22O11 (sucrose).

Video Transcript

So here we have is sucrose if it ends with ose that means its a covalent sugar. Remember, covalent just means non metals together that's it, its not ionic because there's not positive ion with a negative ion, so its covalent. We're going to say here glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose all end with ose all are sugars. We're going to say they are classified as being a nonelectrolytes, meaning that when they get thrown into water they don't break up into ions. Yes, it looks like its dissolving but the molecules themselves aren't breaking up into ions. So here sucrose which is covalent sugar, so solid form when we throw it into water it stays altogether.

Here we write aq just represent that water is surrounding the sucrose molecule but the water isn't breaking up bonds in the sucrose molecule. You're not having carbon ions and hydrogen ions or oxygen ions being formed everything stays together, which is a clear definition of what a nonelectrolyte is. Doesn't break up in solution all you're going to have is free floating molecules.