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Solution: Classify each of the following substances as a nonelectrolyt...


Classify each of the following substances as a nonelectrolyte, weak electrolyte, or strong electrolyte in water: (e) Cu(NO3)2.

Video Transcript

So here we have copper 2 nitrate. So copper's a metal, nitrate non metals so we know that this is ionic or sometimes referred to as a salt, same thing. Now remember following the solubility rules anything connected to nitrate will be soluble according to the solubility rules therefore it would be a strong electrolyte.

So if we would've thrown this into solution it would begin to break up into its ions, it would break up into copper 2+ ion, 2 because that's where this 2 came from, aqueous just means that water is surrounding that ion plus there are 2 nitrate ions which would also be surrounded by water. So again, based on the solubility rules if it's soluble that means it's a strong electrolyte.