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Solution: Classify each of the following substances as a nonelectrolyt...


Classify each of the following substances as a nonelectrolyte, weak electrolyte, or strong electrolyte in water: (d) KClO3

Video Transcript

So here we're dealing with potassium chlorate. Now potassium chlorate we're going to say it is ionic because potassium's a metal, chlorate ions are non metals so it's ionic. Sometimes you might hear it being referred to as a salt, same thing.

Now if we follow the solubility rules, remember potassium's in group 1A, anything connected to a group 1A element is soluble or you can look at the chlorate ion, either one. In the chlorate ion's case anything connected to chlorate would also be soluble. They both don't need to be soluble, as long as one of them is soluble the whole molecule is soluble and because it's soluble by the solubility rules we're going to say that it is a strong electrolyte meaning that if we throw it into a solution it's going to break up completely into ions.

So it breaks up into potassium which is in group 1A so it's +1 and the chlorate ion which CLO3-, aqueous just means water is surrounding that ion that's being generated.