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Solution: Will precipitation occur when the following solutions are mi...


Will precipitation occur when the following solutions are mixed? If so, write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction. (b) NaNO3 and NiSO4

Video Transcript

So here what we have is we have sodium nitrate reacting with nickel 2 sulphate. We're going to break this up into its ions so we're going to say here that NA is in group 1A so NA is +1, nitrate is a polyatomic ion so it's -1, nickel here is +2 because it needs to cancel out the charge of sulphate which is 2-. Now opposites attract, this 1 and this 2 are different numbers so they criss-cross where they combine to give us NA2SO4. Now here anything with group 1A is soluble so this would be aqueous because it has sodium in it and then here 1 from here comes here, 2 from here comes here so we have NI parenthesis NO32.

Now anything with nitrate in it would also be soluble so this would be aqueous. Automatically we could stop, we don't need to balance out the equation because remember when you make two aqueous products that means no reaction has occurred. That's because everything is split up into ions when you do the total ionic equation and then when you get to the net ionic equation, everything would be a spectator ion so everything will cancel out. So again, when you get 2 aqueous products you would say no reaction has occurred. A reaction only happens if you create a solid, liquid or gas as a product. Here we don't have any of those three phases so no reaction has occurred.