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Solution: Which of the following schematic drawings best describes a s...


Which of the following schematic drawings best describes a solution of Li2SO4 in water (water molecules not shown for simplicity)?

Video Transcript

Hey guys, in this question they're asking us which one of the 3 images given to us represents lithium sulphate once it dissolves in water? So lithium sulphate, we're talking about it dissolving in water. It's soluble according to our solubility rules so it breaks up into lithium which is in group 1A so it's +1 and now there's 2 lithiums here so that's 2 Li+ plus 1 sulphate ion. So one mole of lithium sulphate breaks up into 2 positive ions and 1 negative ion. So if we take a look here we have option A, B and C. Option A can't work because in option A, nothing breaks up.

So that's automatically not a choice. In the next one we have too many negative spheres. We have these -2's which represent sulphate and then we have +1's which represent lithium ions. Here it should be a 2 to 1 ratio. There should be twice as many positive ions and negative ions. The answer would have to be C because in C we have 3 negative ions which represent the sulphates and we have 6 positive ions which represent the lithium ions so as a result the ratio here is 2 to 1. So option C would have to be the correct choice that shows lithium sulphate breaking up into ions.