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Solution: Give the names and charges of the cation and anion in each o...


Give the names and charges of the cation and anion in each of the following compounds: (b) Ag2SO4

Video Transcript

Alright guys, so here we need to give the name and the charges of each of the ions in the compound.

So we have Ag2SO4. Alright, so sulphate we know is going to be minus two, because it is one of the polyatomic number so we know the charge. Silver we're going to say is x, but there's two atoms of silver, so we're going to say 2x minus 2 is the overall charge of the compound, which is zero, because there is no charge here. All we have to do is work on some math, so we have 2x = 2 and x is going to equal to positive one.

So in this case the silver ion has a charge of positive one and the sulphate, which is your polyatomic ion has a charge of minus two. We're going to say, since silver is a transition metal, we have to put the charge in a roman numeral number in a parenthesis. So we say that this is going to be silver (I), and this is just, sulphate. Remember the polyatomic ions just keep the name as it is, nothing changes. So the full name is silver (I) sulphate.

Alright guys, let's move on.