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Solution: Selenium, an element required nutritionally in trace quantit...


Selenium, an element required nutritionally in trace quantities, forms compounds analogous to sulfur. Name the following ions: (c) HSe

Video Transcript

Alright guys, so here they tell us that selenium forms compounds that are similar to sulphur and we have to name the compounds that are formed. So we have HSE-. Now let's replace selenium with sulphur because that's the clue that they give us. So we have HS-, how would we name this?

Well remember the first part keeps the regular name so this is just hydrogen and the second part, the second atom keeps the base name but the ending changes so this becomes sulphide, with an ending of an I D E. Now using the same concept we could name the one with the selenium in there. So the first part stays the same, hydrogen, then we keep the base name of selenium which is selen and then we change the ending to I D E so it becomes selenide. So your answer is going to be hydrogen selenide ion. Alright guys, let's move on.