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Solution: Predict the chemical formula for the ionic compound formed b...


Predict the chemical formula for the ionic compound formed by (e) Mg 2+ and PO43

Video Transcript

Alright guys, so here we have to predict the chemical formula for the ionic compound, when we have magnesium and phosphate.

So the first step is to look at the charges, are they the same or are they different? The numbers are different, because we have two for magnesium and three for the phosphate. Since they're different, we're going to criss-cross. If they were the same, they would cancel each other out, but they're not. So, the two from magnesium will go to phosphate, and three from phosphate will go to magnesium. So the way we write the chemical formula is, we have Mg3, that came from phosphate, and then PO4 2, that came from magnesium. Notice that I have put parenthesis around the phosphate compound, because phosphate is a polyatomic ion, which means we have multiple atoms within the compound. So by placing the parenthesis here, that means that the two here gets distributed to each atom, which is what we want.

So this is going to be your final answer. Alright guys, see you soon.