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Solution: Using the periodic table to guide you, predict the chemical ...


Using the periodic table to guide you, predict the chemical formula and name of the compound formed by the following elements: (c) Al and I

Video Transcript

Okay guys, so for this question, we have to predict the chemical formula and the name of the compound when it forms between aluminium and iodine.

So aluminium is going to be in group IIIA, which means the charge is positive three, because we need to lose three electrons to gain the noble gas configuration. Iodine is in group VIIA, so we need to gain one electron in order to reach the noble gas configuration. So the charge is minus one. So we have Al3+ and I- . Since the values are different, the charges are different, they're going to criss-cross. So the three from the aluminium is going to the iodine, and the one from the iodine will go to the aluminium. So our chemical formula becomes AlI3.

Now to name this, the first atom will keep its original name, so it's going to be aluminium. And the second atom will keep its base name, but its ending will change to -ide. So the base name for iodine is going to be iod and the ending changes to -ide. So it becomes aluminium iodide.

Alright, let's move on.