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Solution: Write the molecular and structural formula for the compound ...


Write the molecular and structural formula for the compound represented by the following model:

Video Transcript

Alright guys, so for this question we have to write the molecular formula and we have to draw the structural formula.

So here we see that we have in the middle one carbon atom, the one that's shaded in the colour black. Next we see that the carbon atom has two chlorines attatched to it, and we have hydrogen as well. So to write the molecular formula, it would be CH2CL2, right? Because we have one carbon atom, two hydrogen atoms and two clorine atoms. So this is a molecular formula. Now let's draw our structural formula.

So we have one carbon with two chlorines attached to it and we have two hydrogens attached to that carbon as well. So this will be your structural formula, and this is your molecular.

Alright guys, let's move on.