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Solution: Write the molecular and structural formula for the compound ...


Write the molecular and structural formula for the compound represented by the following model:

Video Transcript

Okay guys, so for this question we have to write the molecular and the structural formula of this compound.

So here the circles that are shaded in the colour black represent the carbon atoms, so we see we have two carbon atoms. Now on each carbon atom, we have the circles that are shaded in the colour grey, which represent the hydrogen atoms. So we have one, two, three, four, five, six hydrogen atoms. Alright, and finally in the middle we have the colour, that's shaded in blue, which represents the nitrogen atom. And we see that the nitrogen atom is connected to one hydrogen. So, this would be an NH group. So to write the molecular formula, we would have C2H6NH. We wouldn't put H7, because then we want to know that the hydrogen is connected to the nitrogen, so that is how we group it together, to make it more simpler. This is your molecular formula, now let's draw the structural formula.

So we have, carbon, that's attached to the nitrogen, that's attached to a carbon at the other side. We know that each carbon atom has three hydrogen atoms attached. So we have one, two, three hydrogens on this side, and on this side we have three hydrogens as well. And the nitrogen is attached to a hydrogen, so you would put that like that.

Alright, so this would be your final answer, let's move on.