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Solution: Determine the molecular and empirical formula of the followi...


Determine the molecular and empirical formula of the following: (d) the sugar called glucose, which has six carbon atoms, twelve hydrogen atoms, and six oxygen atoms

Video Transcript

Okay guys, so here we need to write the molecular formula and empirical formula for glucose. They tell us that glucose is made our of: 6 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms and 6 oxygen atoms. Alright, so let's write the molecular formula.

Remember, your molecular formula is going to be your actual formula. The actual formula they already told us, because they tell us exactly how many moles of each item we have. So our molecular formula is C6H12O6. Now to write the empirical formula, we have to simplify our molecular formula.

So, to simplify we're going to divide the number of moles by six, each of them. So divided by six will give us CH2O. Can we simplify further? No, because if we do that it's going to give us a fraction and a decimal, which we do not want. The empirical formula has to be whole numbered.

So that's your final answer, see you guys soon.