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Solution: Write the empirical formula corresponding to the following m...


Write the empirical formula corresponding to the following molecular formula: (c) C4H8O2

Video Transcript

Okay guys, so here we have to write the empirical formula based on the molecular formula that they give us.

So here we have C4H8O2. Now remember your empirical formula will be the simplest whole numbered ratio that we find. Alright, so this is whole number so we don't want any fractions or decimals. So, this is our molecular formula. Let's simplify this.

First, I'm going to divide everything by two, since the lowest number here is two and all of them are even. So doing that we get C2H4O. Since we have only one mole of oxygen we cannot divide any further or we cannot simplify any further, because then we won't have a full number. So in this case this will be your final answer.

Alright guys, let's move on.