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Solution: Determine whether the following statement is true or false. ...


Determine whether the following statement is true or false. If false, correct the statement to make it true: (d) The protons in the nucleus of the helium atom are held together by a force called the strong nuclear force.

Video Transcript

Okay guys, so in this question we have to see whether or not the statement is true or false. So the statement is going to be that the protons in the nucleus of the helium atom are held together by a force called the strong nuclear force. Now this statement is true, so lets think about this. In a nucleus we have protons and neutrons, protons are going to be positively charged and neutrons are neutral that's where they get the name from. Remember, protons are since they're positively charged in a helium atom we have two protons, those two protons are both positively charged to repel each other because like charges do not want to be next to each other. So the neutrons in a nucleus are like a glue to hold the positively charged protons in place. So you have your nucleus and you have your positively charged protons and then this is going to be your neutron that's going to add as a glue.

Now, the total weight of protons plus neutrons from there some of the weight is going to be lost and the weight that's lost is converted into energy to hold the nucleus together and that's the force that they are talking about the strong nuclear force. So that's why the statement is true that's a little bit of explanation, but basically the statement is true because the protons since they repel each other the neutrons are there to hold then together and that creates those strong nuclear force. Alright, see you guys soon.