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Solution: (b) If a migrating loon flies at an average speed of 14 m/s,...


(b) If a migrating loon flies at an average speed of 14 m/s, what is its average speed in mi/hr?

Video Transcript

So in this question, they tell us that the average speed is 14 meters per second. They want to know what the speed is in the unit of miles per hour. So first we're going to convert meters to miles and then we could convert seconds to hours. So let's begin. So we have 14 meters per second, first let's convert from meters to kilometres. All we have to do is use the prefix kilo, 1 goes wherever there's a prefix and you know that kilo is 10 to the 3. We place meters on the bottom so we're able to cancel it out. From kilometres we could convert to miles because we know that one miles equals 1.6093 kilometres.

So now we're able to to cancel out kilometres with kilometres and we're left with miles on the top which is what we want in the answer. So now let's convert seconds to hours. So we know that we have 60 seconds in one minute and we know that we have 60 minutes in one hour. So we place seconds on the top so we could cancel out second with seconds and now we place minutes on the top to cancel out minutes with minutes, so we're left with the units of hours at the bottom. So when you multiply everything and divide everything your answer should be 31 miles per hour, which is the units that we want. See you guys soon.