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Solution: (a) If an electric car is capable of going 225 km on a singl...


(a) If an electric car is capable of going 225 km on a single charge, how many charges will it need to travel from Seattle, Washington, to San Diego, California, a distance of 1257 mi, assuming that the trip begins with a full charge?

Video Transcript

Hey guys, in this question they tell us that an electric car is able to go 225 kilometres on one charge. They want to know how many charged will it take for the electric car if it travels 1257 miles. So lets convert, first we're going to convert miles to kilometres. We know that 1 mile equals 1.6093 kilometres. We place miles at the bottom so we're able to cancel out the unit and then the question tells us that 1 charge gives us 225 kilometres.

So now we're able to cancel out kilometres with kilometres and we're left with charge which is what we're looking for. So multiply everything on the top and divide by everything on the bottom and you guys should get 8.9 charges. So for it to travel 1257 miles it needs 8.9 charges or you guys could round up and say 9 charges. Alright, see you guys soon.