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Solution: (c) If an automobile is able to travel 400 km on 47.3 L of g...


(c) If an automobile is able to travel 400 km on 47.3 L of gasoline, what is the gas mileage in miles per gallon?

Video Transcript

Hey guys, so in this question they tell us that a car is able to travel 400 kilometers on 47.3 liters of gasoline. So they want to know what the gas mileage is in miles per gallon. So what I should start doing is first converting kilometers to miles then converting liters to gallons and then dividing the two answers. So let's begin. So we have 400 kilometers that we want to convert to miles. There's a conversion factor. For every 1 mile we have 1.6093 kilometers. The kilometers gets placed on the bottom so we're able to cancel out the units so we're left with miles.

Divide and you guys are going to get 248.6 miles. Now let's convert liters to gallons. So we have 47.3 liters. We know that for every 1 liter we have 1.057 quarts. Liters cancel out so we're left with quarts and then we know that for every 4 quarts we have 1 gallon, so we're able to cancel out quarts. That's we why want to first convert liters to quarts because we know a relationship between quarts and gallons. So we're left with the units of gallons which is what we want. Multiply the top and divide by the bottom and you guys should get 12.5 gallons. So our answer needs to be miles per gallon, so we take our miles and we divide by our gallons. When you do that you answer should be 19.8 miles per gallon. See you guys soon.