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Solution: Carry out the following conversion: (b) 0.650 qt to mL...


Carry out the following conversion: (b) 0.650 qt to mL

Video Transcript

Hey guys, so in this question we want to convert 0.650 quarts to millilitres. The way we do that is we have a conversion that goes from quarts to litres and then we can convert from litres to millilitres using our prefixes. So lets begin, so we have 0.650 quarts and the conversion is that for every 4 quarts we have 3.7854 litres. Quart goes on the bottom so we can cancel out the units to go from litres to millilitres we use the prefix.

So litres goes on the bottom to be able to cancel it out, 1 is placed wherever there's a prefix and the unit, the prefix milli means 10 to the negative 3. So after cancelling everything else out we're left with the units of millilitres which is exactly what we're looking for, so multiply everything on the top and divide everything on the bottom and your answer should be 615 millilitres. Alright, see you guys soon.