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Solution: Using your knowledge of metric units, English units, and the...


Using your knowledge of metric units, English units, and the information on the back inside cover, write down the conversion factors needed to convert (a) μm to mm

Video Transcript

Okay guys, so in this question we have to show we would convert from micrometers to millimeters. So we're going from micrometers to millimeters, since we're going from one prefix to another prefix the first step would be to convert to the base unit, the base unit here is meter because its micrometer and millimeter so the base unit is meter. We would go from micrometers to meters and then from meters to millimeters. The way we would do this is from micrometers to convert to meters we're going to place micrometers on the bottom and meters on the top because we want to be able to cancel out the units. 1 goes wherever there's a prefix and micro is 10 to the negative 6.

Now to convert from meters to millimeters, the meters would go on the bottom and millimeters would go on the top, because we want to cancel out meters with meters. 1 gets placed in front of the prefix which is milli and milli equals 10 to the negative 3. Alright, so this is how you would convert from micrometers to millimeters, after you cancel everything out this is the units that you're left with. See you guys soon.