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Solution: Using your knowledge of metric units, English units, and the...


Using your knowledge of metric units, English units, and the information on the back inside cover, write down the conversion factors needed to convert (d) in.3 to cm3

Video Transcript

Hey guys, so here we have to show them how we would convert cubed inches to centimetres cubed. So the way we would do this is we know that we could go from inches to centimetres because we know that, let me just rewrite this.

So we have inches cubed and we know that 1 inch is 2.54 centimetres so inches are able to cancel out but wait, notice that we're going from inches cubed to centimetres cubed so we can't cancel out inches with inches because here we have 3 inches and here we only have 1 unit of inches so what we have to do is we have to cube this entire parenthesis because this could gets distributed to the number as well as the units.

So this would become, right here we have inches cubed, this would become 2.54 cubed times centimetres cubed over inches cubed. This is what I mean by the cube getting distributed to the unit as well as the value. So now since everything is cubed, we're able to cancel out cubed inches with cubed inches and our units left over would be centimetres cubed. So this is how we would convert from cubed inches to cubed centimetres. See you guys soon.