Problem: What is the IUPAC name of the following compound? A. 3-isopropyl-5-ethylheptane B. 2-methyl-3,5-diethylheptane C. 3,5-diethyl-2-methylheptane D. 2-methyl-3-ethyl-5-ethylheptane

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We are being asked to determine the IUPAC name of the following compound

When naming alkanes:

Step 1. Find the longest chain.

Step 2. Number the chain from the end closest to a substituent.

 A prefix is used to indicate the number of carbons:

meth-             1 carbon
eth-                2 carbons
prop-              3 carbons
but-                4 carbons
pent-              5 carbons
hex-                6 carbons
hept-              7 carbons
oct-                8 carbons
non-               9 carbons
dec-               10 carbons

 And because it is an alkane, we will take the ending -ane to name the organic compound

 Combine the prefix and the ending:    prefix + -ane = name of the alkane

Step 3. Name the substituents.

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Problem Details

What is the IUPAC name of the following compound? 

A. 3-isopropyl-5-ethylheptane 

B. 2-methyl-3,5-diethylheptane 

C. 3,5-diethyl-2-methylheptane 

D. 2-methyl-3-ethyl-5-ethylheptane

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