Problem: Consider the following mechanismstep 1: A + BC → ABCstep 2: BC + ABC → A + B2 + C2 overall: 2 BC → B2 + C2Which species is an intermediate?a. BCb. B2c. C2d. Ae. ABCwhich species is a catalyst?a. Ab. B2c. C­2d. BCe. ABC

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We are being asked to determine the intermediate and catalyst in the following mechanism

step 1: A + BC  ABC

step 2: BC + ABC  A + B2 + C2

overall: 2 BC  B2 + C2


the intermediate is the specie that is formed by the reactants but is used up to further form the products

the catalyst is the specie that speeds up the reaction and is not used up.

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Problem Details

Consider the following mechanism

step 1: A + BC → ABC

step 2: BC + ABC → A + B2 + C2 

overall: 2 BC → B2 + C2

Which species is an intermediate?

a. BC

b. B2

c. C2

d. A

e. ABC

which species is a catalyst?

a. A

b. B2

c. C­2

d. BC

e. ABC

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