Problem: A phrase that applies to covalent bonding and not other kinds of bonds is _____.-1. charge attraction2. great strength3. electron-sharing4. paired electrons5. all of the above. 

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Ionic Bond

involves the transferring of an electron from one element to another element
positively charged ion + negatively charged ion

metal → usually is the positively charged ion (+)
nonmetal → usually is the negatively charged ion (-)
metal(or polyatomic ion) + nonmetal (or polyatomic ion)

Covalent (or Molecular) Bond

involves the sharing of electron(s) between elements

nonmetal + nonmetal

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Problem Details

A phrase that applies to covalent bonding and not other kinds of bonds is _____.-

1. charge attraction

2. great strength

3. electron-sharing

4. paired electrons

5. all of the above. 

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