Problem: Which compound is likely to have an incomplete octet?a.CH4b.PF5c.NO2d.SiO2

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We are being asked to determine which compound has an incomplete octet

So, we will establish the octet rule exceptions and determine which among the mentioned compounds will not violate the octet rule

  • Recall that the octet rule states that an element is surrounded by eight electrons in the Lewis structure. 
  • Exceptions to this rule occur when:
    • there is an odd number of electrons, like in radicals
    • there are less than 8 electrons or incomplete octet (H, B, Al, Be, Li)
    • there are more than 8 electrons or expanded octet. This occurs to nonmetals from Period 3 (mostly) to 7 (examples are S, Cl, Br, I).

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Which compound is likely to have an incomplete octet?


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