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Problem: Which one of these complex ions would absorb light with the shortest wavelength?A) [Co(H2O)6]2+B) [Co(NH3)6]2+C) [CoF6]4+D) [Co(CN)6]4+E) [Co(en)6]2+

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The formation of the complex through the interaction of a ligand with a transition metal cation causes the splitting of d-orbitals within the metal.

In crystal field theory, Δ is called the crystal-field splitting parameter. It is the energy gap that exists between split levels of the d-orbital.

The energy gap or Δ is dependent upon the field exerted by the ligand.

Complexes with strong field ligands have larger Δ values (i.e. longer wavelength) while compounds with weak field ligands have smaller Δ values (i.e. shorter wavelength).

The amount of crystal field splitting can be estimated using the spectrochemical series of ligands. This series ranks ligands based on their field strength.

A short version of electrochemical series is:

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Which one of these complex ions would absorb light with the shortest wavelength?

A) [Co(H2O)6]2+

B) [Co(NH3)6]2+

C) [CoF6]4+

D) [Co(CN)6]4+

E) [Co(en)6]2+

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