Problem: Which of these molecules or ions exhibit resonance? Drag each item to the appropriate bin. 

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For O3:

(1) There is only O → no central atom

(2) Calculate the total number of valence electrons present.          


           Group              Valence Electrons
O          6A                   3 x 6 e‑ = 24  e
                                    Total = 24 valence e- 

(3): Draw the Lewis Structure for the molecule

O → prefers to have complete octet (8 e- around them)

O can have up to 2 bonds

Lewis structure of O3:

The electrons in the double bond can move from one O-O bond to another O-O bond while maintaining the formal charge of the central O and the overall charge equal to 0. 

Keep in mind not to place more than 8 electrons around each O since it prefers to follow the octet rule.

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Problem Details

Which of these molecules or ions exhibit resonance? 

Drag each item to the appropriate bin. 

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