Problem: Which one of the following molecules/ions is nonpolar?a) SF4b) SO2c) HCO3-d) OCl2e) IF2−f) CH3Cl

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Step 1: Sulfur (EN = 2.5) is less electronegative than fluorine (EN = 4) so sulfur is the central atom

Step 2: The total number of valence electrons present in SF4 is:

            Group             Valence Electrons

S         6A                   1 × 6 e6 e

F         7A                   4 × 7 e28 e

 Total:  34 valence e

Step 3: Sulfur follows an expanded octet to form 4 bonds while halogens, when not the central atom, form only 1 bond. The Lewis structure is:

Step 4: The electronegativity difference between S and F is 0.5 so the S–F bond is polar. Recall that dipole arrows point towards the more electronegative atom

Drawing the dipole arrows:

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Which one of the following molecules/ions is nonpolar?

a) SF4

b) SO2

c) HCO3-

d) OCl2

e) IF2

f) CH3Cl