Problem: Draw the structure of 2-methylbutane. 

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We’re asked to draw the organic structure of 2-methylbutane.

The compound’s name has the –ane suffix, which means it’s an alkane.

When naming any alkane compound there is a set of rules to follow:

1. Find the longest carbon chain and assign a root name accordingly.

If there is a tie between the longest chains, choose the chain that gives most substituents.

Substituents are the chemical groups that are not part of the longest chain.

2. Number the chain from the end closest to a substituent.

3. Substituents will be named alphabetically and a number will accompany the location of their attachment.

While naming them, use a horizontal line to tie the names and numbers.

4. If more than one of a similar alkyl group is present then we must use numerical prefixes to describe the number of them (2-di, 3-tri, 4-tetra, 5-penta, and so on).

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Draw the structure of 2-methylbutane. 

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