Problem: Of the following molecules, only ________ is polar.a) Cl2b) CBr4c) BeCl2d) SiH2Cl2e) BF3

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To determine which molecule is polar

  • Recall that when a central atom is surrounded by the same element and doesn’t have any lone pairs, the molecule is nonpolar.

a) Cl2

  • Bonded to same element → nonpolar

b) CBr4

  • C — Br → ΔEN =  0.3 → nonpolar bond 
  • Total valence electrons:
  •            Group             Valence Electrons

    C         4A                   1 × 4 e4 e

    Br        7A                   4 × 7 e28 e

    Total:  32 valence e

  • Lewis Structure:  

  • C  4 bonds → bonded to same atom, no lone pairs 
    • nonpolar
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Of the following molecules, only ________ is polar.

a) Cl2

b) CBr4

c) BeCl2

d) SiH2Cl2

e) BF3