Problem: Label this diagram ΔE   reactants   products   Ea   transition stateWhich curve represents the catalyzed reaction? a) Blue(top) b) green (bottom)

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Recall that an energy diagram is usually read from left to right.

The components of a one-step energy diagram are:

• Reactants: are placed on the left/beginning of the energy diagram

• Products: are placed on the right/end of the energy diagram

• Transition state: is the state with the highest energy in the energy diagram

• Energy change (ΔE or ΔG˚): is the difference in energy between products and reactants

• Activation energy (Ea): is the difference in energy between reactants and transition state

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Label this diagram 

ΔE   reactants   products   Ea   transition state

Which curve represents the catalyzed reaction? 

a) Blue(top) 

b) green (bottom)

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