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Problem: What is E of the following cell reaction at 25°C? E°cell = 0.460 V. Cu(s) | Cu2+(0.017 M) || Ag(s), (Ag+ = 0.18 M)A) 0.468VB) 0.282 VC) 0.460 VD) 0.490 VE) 0.479V

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We are asked to calculate for the Ecell for the reaction

Cu(s) | Cu2+(0.017 M) || Ag(s), (Ag+ = 0.18M)

Recall that the Nernst Equation relates the concentrations of compounds and cell potential.

Ecell=E°cell-(0.05916 Vn) log Q

Ecell = cell potential under non-standard conditions
cell = standard cell potential
n = mole e- transferred
Q = reaction quotient = products/reactants

We're going to calculate for the Ecell using the following steps:

Step 1: Identify the anode and the cathode in the reaction and write the overall reaction
Step 2: 
Calculate Ecell using the Nernst Equation.

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Problem Details

What is E of the following cell reaction at 25°C? E°cell = 0.460 V. 

Cu(s) | Cu2+(0.017 M) || Ag(s), (Ag+ = 0.18 M)

A) 0.468V

B) 0.282 V

C) 0.460 V

D) 0.490 V

E) 0.479V

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