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Problem: Consider the following equilibrium:A(g) + B2(g) ⇌ AB2(g);            ∆H = -92 kJThe concentration of A at equilibrium may be increased byA) decreasing the temperature.B) adding B2 to the system.C) adding a catalyst.D) increasing the pressure.E) adding AB2 to the system.

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We’re being asked to identify the correct condition that will increase the concentration of A at equilibrium:

A(g) + B2(g) ⇌ AB2(g);            ∆H = -92 kJ

According to Le Chatelier’s Principle, if a system (chemical reaction) is at equilibrium and we disturb it, then the system will readjust to maintain its equilibrium state.

Since the reaction is exothermic, ΔH = (–), heat is given off as a product:

A(g) + B2(g) ⇌ AB2(g) + heat

Now, let’s look at each given statement.

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Consider the following equilibrium:

A(g) + B2(g) ⇌ AB2(g);            ∆H = -92 kJ

The concentration of A at equilibrium may be increased by

A) decreasing the temperature.

B) adding B2 to the system.

C) adding a catalyst.

D) increasing the pressure.

E) adding AB2 to the system.

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