Problem: Which of the following ions or molecules can be classified as a Lewis base?A. CN-B. H2OC. NH3D. all of the aboveE. none of the above

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We’re being asked to identify the ions or molecules that can be classified as a Lewis base.

Based on the Lewis definition, a Lewis base is an electron-pair donor.

Some characteristics of a Lewis base:

Compounds that have lone pair(s) on a central element can act as Lewis bases.
Compounds that possess a negative charge can act as Lewis Bases. 

Let’s analyze each species and draw the Lewis structure of the given compound and check which of them can act as a Lewis base.

Step 1Determine the central atom in this molecule.
Step 2: Calculate the total number of valence electrons present.   
Step 3Draw the Lewis Structure for the molecule.

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Problem Details

Which of the following ions or molecules can be classified as a Lewis base?

A. CN-

B. H2O

C. NH3

D. all of the above

E. none of the above

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