Problem: In which titration would you use an indicator having Ka = 1 x 10-5 ?X. HCN titrated with NaOHY. CH3COOH titrated with NaOHZ. NH3 titrated with HClA. X and Y onlyB. X, Y and ZC. Y and Z onlyD. Y onlyE. Z only. 

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We’re being asked to identify the titration in which you would use an indicator having Ka = 1.0x10-5.

Recall that during titration, at half-equivalence point:


On the other hand, depending on the types of acids and bases mixing, at the equivalence point, the pH can be less than, greater than, or equal to 7.

At equivalence point:

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In which titration would you use an indicator having Ka = 1 x 10-5 ?

X. HCN titrated with NaOH

Y. CH3COOH titrated with NaOH

Z. NH3 titrated with HCl

A. X and Y only

B. X, Y and Z

C. Y and Z only

D. Y only

E. Z only

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